Immune boosting chiropractic care is (in our opinion as Doctors), absolutely necessary in order for you to stay optimally healthy. Regular adjustments can truly help your body fight off, as well as decrease the length and intensity of any illness you may have! 

Here’s why going to a chiropractor can make your immune system stronger. 

Your Immune System and Spine Connection

Your immune system has A LOT to do with your spine. The nervous system of our bodies connects the rest of our body through the spinal cord. When you damage or hurt your spine, it automatically interferes with the path, causing or enhancing symptoms like pain and illness. That interference  of nerve pathways makes your immune system   unable to function as well as it could normally, and has trouble  fighting  off illness like it usually does. It helps deliver oxygen to the rest of the body as well. 

How Does Getting Adjusted Boost Your Immune System?

There are studies that prove that chiropractic care is designed to heal pain, stress, misalignment and a boost of the immune system by 200%. Not only that, the general wear and tear we put on our bodies needs alignment too – not just injuries. Think about our professions and how long we do certain movements, repetitively, day in and day out. Me typing this to you right now… yep, adjustment time! What’s your movement that needs adjusting?

Stress in the Spine

Stress does impact your immune system, and that leads to cortisol entering the spine. And, your state of mind weakens or strengthens your immune system and health. Stress is felt in the shoulders, back and neck, hip (and anywhere else it likes to bury itself in our muscles – hello cluster headaches). So, ya, the spine being balanced and in alignment? It’s biomechanics. Simply put, it helps your body work better. Well, I should say work and relax better. Yep, it’s a two in one, plus immunity = a home run. 

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Although chiropractors cannot “cure” a disease or infection, we can definitely help your body’s ability to heal and recover  from illness and injury. And if your body is at its optimum level, the preventative benefits surely measure out. That’s why even if you do not feel pain, a visit to the chiropractor is never a bad idea. Think of it as maintenance to your body (like a garden, or your car). 


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It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold or silver’ – Mahatma Gandhi

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