Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain, Muscle Pain, Headaches, Body Pain and More

Dr. Sepehr Zandi and Dr. Tina Baird specialize in full body chiropractic care. With chiropractic offices in Boulder and Denver, you’re not far away from getting the treatment you need to start feeling better today.

Sepe (Sep-ee) specializes in whole body treatments for active adults and children and practices chiropractic care as well as the Fascial Distortion Model. These treatment styles help not only with alignment and adjustment but also muscle and soft tissue manipulation to help treat all types of pain throughout the body. Sepe has a particular focus on supporting professional, amateur and casual athletes, having treated professional football players, professional baseball players, ballet dancers, weekend warriors, young athletes and semi professional athletes, Sepe has seen and treated hundreds of ailments.

Tina specializes in whole body treatments for active adults as well as maintaining a specialization for infants and children. Tina not only uses chiropractic techniques but also practices the Fascial Distortion Model and is whole body certified to provide treatments for elite athletes as well as casual athletes and weekend warriors. Tina has treated all types of patients, including collegiate athletes, professional dancers, amateur athletes, children, and infants. Whether it’s headaches, back pain, body pain, or joint pain, Tina has seen it and treated it.

Chiropractic Treatment We Offer


Nutritional Support

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Zandi Chiropractic is now offering high quality nutritional support for patients. Including nutritional support for the active person, women’s health and support , general multivitamins, probiotics, gastrointestinal support and more….

The Effects of the Fascial Distortion Model on Chronic Hamstring Tightness

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Exciting News! Dr. Baird was the lead author of a research paper entitled “The Effects of the Fascial Distortion Model on Chronic Hamstring Tightness“, and it was published, September 30th…

New Doctor and New Location!

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Zandi Chiropractic is pleased to welcome Dr. Christina J. Baird, D.C. and a brand new Denver location to our practice! Dr. Baird is a 2014 graduate of Logan University and…


Ashley M

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I highly recommend this office. My husband, myself and my 1 year old daughter come here for adjustments weekly.

Jodi M.

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Dr. Sepe is a wonderful chiropractor who has helped me with chronic and acute injuries.


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Dr. Baird is a miracle worker. Besides general wellness care, she has helped rid me of migraines.